Aker x Norris TVC -'We'll take it from here, Chuck' for Expanse

Recently I had the privilege of working on a matte-painting for the good people at Expanse in Norway for an epic commercial for the Norwegian industrial investment company Aker ASA featuring the unstoppable force of nature that is Chuck Norris. The commercial is epic, and not just in length, clocking in at 2 minutes.

Drone footage of a paper mill was used to create the base image for the matte. The perspective and horizon wer adjusted to match the foreground plate (featuring a CG elk and Norris on a rocky outcrop) and the matte was extended on the left to provide a 21:9 aspect ratio with room to spare. Lighting was tweaked so that the mill was backlit, hills and atmosphere were added as well as a new sky, with everything graded to match it.

The elk and ‘Chuck’ featured here merely are a slap-comp to determine the composition of the matte relative to the foreground action.

Here is the entire commercial.

The matte features at 0:48 seconds however it’s worthwhile watching the entire commercial.








Posted: 08/10/2021
Category: Matte Painting , Short Form Film , TVC , Video