'NBN Network is made for More' TVC series for Airbag

Recently I was asked by Airbag to complete a matte-painting to be used in a series of TVC’s for the NBN Network – Australia’s broadband network. The requirement was for a generic or ‘every’ Australian city, featuring a skyline comprising of buildings from all the major cities. It was to look familiar yet non-specific and be set during the ‘Magic Hour’. It was a fun project made slightly more difficult by the fact that the matte preceded filming and I didn’t have a plate to work with.

I also manually created a depth mask to provide greater control over the layers to the compositor.

Two of the three TVC’s featuring the matte have so far been released. Blink and you’ll miss it!




Posted: 06/10/2021
Category: Matte Painting , Short Form Film , TVC , Video