Sir 'Goode Knight' RMIT University Character Design workflow demonstration

I moonlight as a Sessional Lecturer, and teaching the fundamentals of Concept Art to undergraduates at RMIT University.

Here I demonstrate a relatively simple workflow for those with little experience in application such as Photoshop. What is also demonstrated is how to address a brief, the initial brainstorming process using mind maps and other techniques, creating moodboards, thumbnailing approaches, thumbnail selection and refinement, consideration of shape-language, and readability through silhouette, and a hierarchy of form and of secondary details, of values and of saturation. Readability includes considerations of directionality, environment, style, level of detail, functionality (friend or foe), and personality. Finally there is the consideration of refinement and presentation, including turnarounds and callouts.

In the demonstrated example, the brief calls for a a Non-player Character – a Quest giver for an isometric, fantasy-style RPG with a cartoony, painterly and highly stylised visual style. for the purposes of demonstration, the style, the brief, and the design are deliberately kept simple.

I demonstrate a non-destructive workflow for students intimidated by working in colour and value in Photoshop. Colour and value are handled in separate layers (using the power of the layers and adjustments system applications such as Photoshop to work for you) to ensure a infinitely tweakable non-destructive workflow that achieves great results with minimal stress. The demonstration is over two weeks. I’ve only included some highlights here.



Posted: 19/03/2021
Category: Character Design , Sketch , Teaching , Tutorial