Designs from the Vault. Age of Conan

Here's another concept dusted off from the vault, and another that I'm still rather proud of to this day.

Undertaken for the Rise of the Godslayer expansion for Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures. Echoing traditional Bhutanese and Tibetan architecture yet giving a decidedly 'Conanesque' flavour with a level of solidity and pared-back detail that befits the Hyborian world. During my time at Funcom, I undertook countless designs - often turn-arounds - for structures.

I'll share more of these in future updates. Those I did for Stygia for instance I'm still fond of, and I'm proud of the visual language we developed for that mysterious Hyborian land - echoes of the Middle East (Moroccan and Yemeni vernacular), and of Ancient Egypt yet something altogether darker, more flamboyant, and dare I say Gothic in style.

Posted: 12/03/2021
Category: Environment Design , From the Vault , Sketch