The following storyboard and key-art are part of a proposal that I personally created and developed for a TV commercial for the Suzuki Ignis. The Ignis is a quirky Japanese city car with a distinctive and cute face that evokes associations with Pugs, or Pokemons.

The target market of this TVC proposal are Millenials and younger, and the concept behind this is one that evokes the uncomplicated fun of retro or ‘8 bit-gaming’ from the 80’s and early 90’s, which is very on-trend, and which fits the Ignis’ ‘retro-futuristic’ styling. With its cute, Pokemon-like face, and the square, upright stance, it resembles the cute and loved block 8-bit characters of childhood.

In this proposal, the Ignis is situated within a virtual world of falling brightly-coloured Tetris blocks and Space Invaders where it must weave between the falling blocks and Invaders.

Bold colours, ‘Tron’-like light-bleeds, and dynamic cameras help to convey the fun, funky and playful aspects of the Suzuki Ignis. Darting between the blocks helps to show the car from many angles and convey the idea its size and dynamics make it eminently suitable for the urban environment.

Suzuki Ignis ‘Play Again’ Key-art. The more realistic explosions depicted in the storyboard were replaced with pixellated explosions in the key-art.

The following key-frame was for an alternative proposal that saw the ghosts from Pacman chasing the Suzuki Ignis through an obstacle course.

Initial sketch.

Final Version of the storyboard.

Alternative versions saw the Suzuki Ignis being chased by the ghosts from Pacman, and parking between Tetris blocks.
Initial storyboard draft that helped to establish the concept and key sequences.