A collection of storyboards, serving also as pitches to clients for TV commercials undertaken by Qvisten Animation to appear on Norwegian television. These were also to serve as key-frames or concept boards.

Top: A storyboard created for a new version of the classic Nugatti Norwegian spread which included pieces of hazelnut.

Top below: Three proposed variants for the Orkla Foods Idun Tomatketchup commercial (2014) for their new Tomato ketchup with less sugar. The client opted for version 1.

Following: A storyboard proposal for Norwegian Food company, Fjordland’s Safara – a children’s yoghurt snack. The style needed to reflect the packaging and had to feature the monkey front-and-centre. Qvisten proposed a 2D animation solution.

Bottom: A storyboard for one of a series of three commercials aired on Norwegian television in 2014 announcing a new chocolate bar marrying the Nidar chocolate with the Polly peanuts. Parodying iconic scenes from Hollywood films (no prize guessing the film here!) with the idea that this is a love match, the classic Polly peanut character is cast with Ms Nidar Chocolate. An accident or misstep leads Polly to unexpectedly fall-into (rather than for) the lady chocolate bar and the music comes to an abrupt halt.  The storyboards  also served as keyframes for the render and for the right ‘chocolate pour’, which was filmed rather than created in CG.

Originally we considered making the entire Titanic sequence cell-shaded, in keeping with Polly’s appearance however we instead opted for a more realistic look. The finished result can be seen below the storyboards and is courtesy of Qvisten Animation, Oslo.


Polly Sjokolade - Titanic
By Qvisten Animation for Nidar - 2014