A sample of the concepts and turnarounds created for the  stop-frame animated feature “Solan or Ludwig – Herfra til Flåklypa”, the sequel to the award-winning and Norwegian box-office hit, “Solan og Ludwig – Jul i Flåklypa”, which I also worked on as a Matte-painter. These concepts were undertaken in 2015.

Based on the work of the late Kjell Aukrust the designs needed to be consistent with the style established in his illustrations along with the humour and references to Norwegian culture. Additionally the locations had to reflect architecture and landscapes of Aukrust’s native Alvdal, which is in central eastern part of the country.

Regrettably due to budget constraints and a subsequent rewrite of what was admittedly, an ambitious script, a number of concepts (such as the sail-sledge) never saw the light of day as models and scenes in the film.

A video of the trailer can be found at the bottom of this collection.


Above: Set designs for Slidre – the rival town to Flåklypa. Due to budget constraints, it was scaled back and simplified. The Dampysteri (Cheese Factory) was retained but a number of buildings were cut. The Slidre Sparebank design was a design for the scaled back village and reflects architecture from the 1950’s and 1960’s found in countless towns and village centres across Norway. Such buildings are ubiquitous.


Above: A selection of set-design sketches; in this case for the Gorge, which includes a ‘Koie’ or a Norwegian hunter’s cabin.


Above: A selection of prop designs for Reodor’s inventions and improvisations constructed during the race, some of which again sadly  due to budget constraints, never saw the light of day – specifically the modifications to the Press Robot (with the original design created by the very talented Are Austnes at Qvisten Animation), and The Sail-Sledge. The glider was subsequently simplified from my original design, dispensing with the folding wings.


Above: An unhappy Solan. A cutaway scene showing Solan in his new home after Reodor and his team lose their home.

And here are the film trailers.

Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa - Trailer 2
Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa - Trailer 2
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