This task for Nanopixel in Belgium on behalf of their client called for the creation of a storyboard and accompanying animatic, as well as a key-frame for a VR experience outlining the uses and application of a new medical device to aid the treatment of a host of neuorological conditions such as Epilepsy.

The experience is partially interactive and an initial menu selected by the user to discover different aspects of the device. Motion-tracking was also used for the sequences within the brain showing the firing of synapses. Upon conclusion, the user would return to the main menu.

The flat-shaded version of the storyboard.

From this storyboard the client requested that I create the animatic below.

Health House animatic

The client also requested a keyframe depicting how the VR journey through the synapses might look.

And the client also requested a design for the HUD as the probe entered the brain, which would show pertinent information such as the probe’s location.

An outline of the brief and the final result including a video of the experience can be seen on Nanopixel’s website. As an external website, I’m not responsible for its content:

Health House

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