Kon Tiki - Lima Above: A screen-grab showing a portion of the matte-painting that I completed for the film Kon-Tiki in 2012 with a CGI DC3 aircraft. The original matte was over 16000px in width. Grab courtesy Gimpville AS and Egmont Nordisk Film. The film is the largest and most expensive production undertaken in Norway and was nominated for best foreign language film at the Oscars & Golden Globe.

Below: Here is Gimpville’s effect breakdowns for Kon-Tiki. The team there did an amazing job. The sequence in which the matte appears commences around the 2.08 minute mark. Don’t blink!

KON-TIKI breakdown - various shots
KON-TIKI breakdown - various shots - GIMPVILLE AS - music by (The piano guys - Just the way you are) thepianoguys.com