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Posten: Bakomfilm - Flåklypa
By Qvisten Animation AS / Maipo Film for Posten - November 2013

A sample of the over 120 mattes that I completed for the Norwegian stop-frame animation, ‘Solan og Ludwig – Jul i Flåklypa’ (Christmas in Flaaklypa) of 2013 and based on the works of Norwegian illustrator and author, Kjell Aukrust. Stop-frame animations and sets were filmed in front of blue-screen and the mattes that I completed were added in post. Also completed were foreground elements to cover the edges of sets and elements such as frost on the windows.

Included is a video preview of ‘Solan og Ludwig – Jul i Flåklypa’. Courtesy Maipo Film and Qvisten Animation 2013.