Like any of the concepts or illustrations you’ve seen on this site? Think it would look funky on a wall in your lounge-room, emblazoned on a T-shirt or even on your phone-case?

Well then you’re in luck. You’ll find a selection of my personal work available for purchase as posters, prints, on mugs, phone and iPad cases, stationary, T-shirts, cushions and even bedding all for a very reasonable price through Redbubble. You can find them here.

grant regan art and illustrations as mechandise
Courtesy Redbubble

I thank you for any purchases and invite you to email me with feedback or even a photo of you sporting that fine T-shirt purchase!

Reference Packs

And, I supply Reference Packs. These Reference Packs contain high quality Royalty Free photos that are suitable for photo-bashing, 3D, matte-painting and just plain reference. The packs are available at reasonable prices with personal or commercial licenses via Artstation. You can find them here.