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Concepts beginning with thumbnails (bottom) for a design of a rocket and space debris for a ride at the Aukrust Senteret in Alvdal, Norway, dedicated to the illustrations, stories and characters of the late Kjell Aukrust.

The design of the rocket needed to invoke the slick 1970’s Le-mans -style racing cars of the famous and iconic Norwegian stop-frame animation, Fl√•klypa Grand Prix, which debuted in 1975. The audience enters Reodor Felgen’s rocket ship and watches the action, from take-off to the race through space on a large projection. The seats vibrate and move in-sync with the onscreen action. The brief called on me to create Reodor Felgen-like space debris and a launch-pad and a final design for the opponent’s ship.

Courtesy and Copyright Qvisten Animation and the Aukrust Senteret.