Concept Artist, Matte-Painter and Illustrator, Grant Regan

Hi, my name is Grant Regan. I am a concept artist, matte-painter, storyboard and key-frame artist, retoucher, illustrator and one-time art director with a proven track record in the fields of previsualisation and post-production for film, TV, advertising and games (try saying that 10-times quickly!)

Sydney-born and bred with 15 years of professional experience. For a decade and until early 2016 I lived in Oslo, Norway where I worked on a number of major and awarding-winning and critically acclaimed Norwegian Film, Animation and Games productions. Along the way I also worked on concepts, key-frames and storyboards for TV commercials, and illustrated the odd book-cover or three.

My IMDB filmography can be found here.

Having returned to Australia and I'm now based close to Sydney. Nonetheless, I have experience working with clients here and abroad, including some based in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the UK.

I have a passion for the creation and communication of a coherent and striking idea through visual mediums. I enjoy relating a story or idea through imagery that excites, engages and moves the viewer, and being a part of the process of bringing an idea or concept to life is a process that I love.

Recent clients include Passion Pictures, StartVR, Ink Project and Paradox Films, Norway.

As creativity and working with my hands are in my blood, in the past few years I've taken to hand-building bicycles including the the fabrication of the frames. I'm currently in the process of building a workshop as a side-project. This dovetails well with my love for cycling.

I look forward to hearing from you and working closely to bring your vision to life. I am available for freelance, contract and full-time employment and my CV is available upon request.


If you're looking for a freelancer with the ability and experience to bring your ideas to life, don't hesitate to drop me a line!